Sunday, June 10, 2007

Once a Month for June - signs

Many in our Webshot's group decided that a Once a month theme would be fun. Each month, we are to submit one photo depicting the given theme. For June the theme is 'signs', signs that stand out, are fun, whimsical, etc. Signs that are everywhere. My submission for the month of June is this Mini Donuts stand. Chock full of bright and colorful, signs, this caught our attention on our morning stroll before the carnival was open. We had this entire carnival to ourselves, peaceful, the calm before the storm of happy carnival goers. This was the annual Father Henepin Feastival in Champlin, MN. We missed out on the mini donuts. I needed coffee and I couldn't wait for them to open and serve those delectible sugary treats, we were much too early. So we missed out on the mini donuts. Ah well, the iced coffee and raspberry scone from the 'bou' made up for missing the mini donuts. For more on this theme;

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