Friday, July 27, 2007

COPY CAT on Webshots

On the left is a photo posted on Webshots by klbudd. On the right is my photo posted on Webshots, the original photo that obviously klbudd copied.
What to do?
Check out my photo I named - Pillsbury "A" Mill - taken on November 26 2006 and uploaded November 26 2006.

Now check this photo named - pillsbury 'a' mill - uploaded by kbudd uploaded on July 18, 2007.

So similar, you'd say they were the same photo from the same vantage point, same time of year. Notice the tree without leaves. klbudd cropped the photo to eliminate the manhole cover in the street. The cloud and sky pattern in both photos are identical.

But why? My Pillsbury A Mill is not exactly a stunning photo. Not a great composition at all. Just a historical building I found interesting. Why would someone copy such a meek photo when there are so many other better photos to choose from? Quite the compliment to copy my work, but I feel offended that this person chose this photo.
So strange.
I asked this person why as a comment on his/her photo:
Hi. Of all the photos on Webshots, I am just curious as to why you chose to copy and crop this photo. Is this for some type of project? My original photo wasn't all that stunning. Actually, it was a weak composition. I did like the historical aspect.
mtnets 23 min. ago
I await his/her response.

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