Friday, August 17, 2007

8/17/07 - Espresso Shop

This morning I changed it up from the 'Bou and stopped in at my favorite coffee shop, Dunn Brothers. A little out of my way, but so worth the extra time. Better coffee, less crowded, (no teenagers), fabulous scones, biscotti, and friendly service!
Not that the 'Bou doesn't have friendly service. The 'Bou is quite friendly as well. But here at Dunn Brothers, there is that no nonesense knick knack counter clutter; no 'Boubalm, no reindeer trinketry. Yes, sadly, they too have a Drive Thru. but it seems in this day and age, the Drive Thru is a necessity for suburban commerce.
This is almost like being back in one of Rome's finest corner coffee shops. Almost, but not quite. Stop in, see you at Dunn's!

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  1. when you are there, check out all the history of Champlin on the walls. They personalize it to our community.