Friday, August 24, 2007

Foggy Morning Commute

A foggy more ways than one. Not enough coffee this morning. I only stopped in for a medium cup. I should have orderd the large with a double shot espresso chaser.

The morning commute in the fog was rather peaceful and surreal. I often wonder wha it is about the fog that makes our surroundings so quiet and peaceful.


  1. Excellent shot. Your use of sharp perspective into the foggy distance enhances the effect.

    Fog literally dulls our vision and hearing with water droplets, making us feel more alone. My commute is from an inner suburb of STL to downtown. There may be a high cloud cover at home but dense fog over the Mississippi and its banks, shrouding the upper part of the Arch. It's beautiful.


  2. Love the header image!

  3. It looks foggy. Looks like freaking cold. :S