Thursday, May 29, 2008


From the rocky shore of Lake Vermilion.
Yes, this is another HDR photo. I need the practice at this type of photography. I will spare you the intricate details or tutorials. Other fellow photographers and bloggers have excellent tutorials you can search out. HDR can be taken to two extremes; over saturated and tonemapped for a surreal cartoonish look, or processed in a realistic manner.
There is a place for HDR photography when there is a high range between the dark and bright areas in the subject you wish to shoot. Such as this photo. No, its not a great composition or photo, but a good example of bright and dark. The camera senses the brights skyline, but the rocky foreground will become a black blob shadow.

I wanted to show the rocky shoreline with the cracks and crevices in the rock against the bright pre-sunset lakeside sky. I took 3 photos, information shown below, and merged them into one image. That's where the tonemapping fun begins with Photomatix to bring out the details. But there is a fine line to watch for, otherwise you will cross over into the cartoonish look seen in this
Arbys photo post.
I do find it fun to create a cartoonish image, I prefer the realistic look that shows more detail that would be lost to the shadows.

Three photos taken at:

Tv( Shutter Speed ): 1/13 - Autoexposure Bracketing 0

Tv( Shutter Speed ): 1/50 - Autoexposure Bracketing -2

Tv( Shutter Speed ): 0.3 - Autoexposure Bracketing +2

Av( Aperture Value ): f11.0

ISO Speed: 100 Focal Length: 17.0 mm

White Balance Mode: Daylight

HDR merged into one image via Photomatix


  1. excellent tribute to hdr technique

  2. Thanks for the shooting info! As for HDR, it may have its place, but so far I just can't warm up to it. I'll keep trying though :-)

  3. Even though I've been busy and stressed as of late, I've been enjoying all your photos, just havent had much time to comment. Hope your day goes well!

  4. belle technique, merci pour les explications, cela donne une superbe photo avec des couleurs magnifiques.

    beautiful technique, thank you for explanations, it gives a beautiful photo with magnificient colors.

  5. I really like HDR. and this photo is great!