Friday, September 14, 2007

For September 14th

I spent the weekend splitting wood for the wood stoves for both the cabin and sauna. Actually this is a fun job, whacking the logs with the mall; it really is a great way to take out the frustrations from the workweek.

The wood needed to be split; I grabbed a nice sized birch log to split. While carrying it to the splitting stump, this, critter scurried onto my hand. he made it up to my wrist! I dropped the log, (barely missing my foot), jumped around yelping like a little school child flinging him off from me. sadly, he ended up back on the wood pile where I took his photo. (Editor's note: No spider nor person was harmed in the making of this photo. The only thing harmed was my ego for screeching and jumping around like an little school child).

A place to relax and refresh after splitting all that wood, (and forgetting about the incident with Borris the Spider). 180 degrees F is how I enjoy the sauna. It's pronounced "sowna", not "sawna".


  1. The sauna is very attractive. The spider is not!! Yikes! I'd do a screaming dance, too.

  2. What a spider! That seriously is in Minnesota? I'm outta here....

  3. So that big boy wound up being a gentle creature after all... Lucky you! :)