Saturday, September 15, 2007

Where's Ronald McDonald's?

The old "McRestaurant" must have been too outdated. Last month, they demolished this McDonalds. Now they are building a new fast "food" joint on the same old McSpot to be completed by December. (Oh boy, Christmas Mcdinner at McDonalds). (Editor's note: please note the atempt at sarcastic humor form the author. He is a crumudgeon. This is not necessarily the viewpoint of the McEstablishment).
They must have sold a lot of McBurgers to afford this demolition and new construction. No doubt the Mcdrive thru will be state of the art. "Food" from the comfort of your car. Sheesh.
Would you like McFrys with that?


  1. Poor thing that it's been demolished! Oh nevermind, go KFC instead! :P

  2. Neither McDonalds or KFC holds any appeal to me. Tear 'em all down!!

  3. I appreciated the sarcastic McHumor in your write up.