Tuesday, October 23, 2007

As seen in the street

Orange Bubblewrap; is it concave, or is it convex?
This is actually a new rubberized mat that is on nearly every sidewalk corner ramp in our part of town. I believe these mats are to aide wheelchairs in navigating the ramp to gain access to the sidewalk.

Back on 10/7/07, Twin Cities Daily Photo uploaded a perfect circle, an interesting photo of a manhole cover in a cobble stone street. I was inspired to submit a similar photo. This one is seen outside the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis.


  1. How thoughtful of the to provide the rubber mat. How is it affixed to the pavement? The manhole cover is flush with the street level, which is never the case here. so it creates bumps or dips in the road. You may have read/heard this that one of the interview questions at Microsoft (and other companies now) is - Why are manhole covers round?

  2. The mats in Portland are flush with the sidewalks and in the wheelchair ramps, too. They're yellow instead of orange.

  3. "dropped kerbs" as we call them are essential everywhere - 10/10 for providing them - not sure about the need for the rubberised matting -- here the newish ramps are greenish in colour - I think it is mainly just so they are easily seen from a distance so you know where the nearest crossing point is.

  4. I thought it was a close up of the back of a piece of Lego!