Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sprained Finger

We went for a walk before the forcasted rains of the day. We usually start out heading for one of my favorite coffee shops. This day, we took the long route, delaying my caffiene fix for the day.
Four miles into our walk, and feeling light headed for lack of coffee, we needed to cross a four lane highway to get to my favored coffee shop. With sore feet, we approached this traffic signal light at the intersection. I can see my favorite coffee shop across the intersection.
That is when it happened; while pushing this button repeatedly in hopes of quickening the change in traffic flow to our favor, I strained my finger. Nothing serious mind you, I survived, the coffee was hot, and delicious, well worth the walk and sprained finger. All set and done, we walked a good 6 miles this day. I did manage to get some strange looks from the occupants in the vehicles as they watched my take this photo.
Remember, safety first when crossing busy roads.


  1. Suffering for your art - it's part of the great tradition, Dusty Lens.

  2. Yes, one does have to watch out for traffic while taking photos, darn it!

    About my photo of the sunrise, I took it from the sidewalk seconds before I boarded the bus. I did take one after I sat down, but it was out of focus--the bus rolled downhill at a pretty good clip!

  3. thank you for the date for pInk Martini I would go to Nantes I translates for you the words of Marie Cherrier “the old bar”

    In a misty pub of the boulevards I smoke my cig while waiting
    That snow which falls on the pavement rests one moment

    Worse the light bores a window And reveals a dance
    Particles of dust Revealing their existence

    Then snow on the pavement Takes again rate
    Of a ballet of white on the black Of a bar far from Byzance

    My coffee posed on the counter Releases a smoke
    I guess there a lady out of black dress Which invites me to plunge

    But another wakes up of my cigarette And dances towards the young lady
    Here are my two beautiful sihouettes Which leaves me for the sky

    {with the Refrain}

    An old dusty juke-box
    Remained dumb a long time
    I leave a part, that makes it happy And the bar starts to sing

    Dancers of smoke
    Me and dust
    One springs in the world covered with snow Far from my universe

    And I dance on the pavement
    I take again rate
    Of a ballet of white on the black Of a bar far from Byzance

  4. This looks a very old rusty one - does it actually activate the traffic lights? -- I'm sure none of the ones we have make any difference to the timing of the lights.