Friday, October 26, 2007

No Yellow Flowers, but still Green

Last June I posted a photo of a new strip mall being built; I had asked you to enjoy the little yellow flowers before they were gone. I do hope you enjoyed them.
The yellow flowers are now gone, but the project remains incomplete. Nothing has been done since June. Fine by me, they must have overbuilt and too quickly at that. Sometimes the price of progress< (as with taxes) is too high. We shall keep watch on this lot and see what is to come. Until then, stay tuned...


  1. HiDusty,
    I saw your blog on "Lezard in The hague" So I wanted to see what blog you make,

    Very interesting its, made in USA right I like the little detail you name, such as 'the yellow flower chaged into white' , I like that very much, also to know more about your country/city.

    BTW I love that song! (tequila sunrise) so nice to hear that song again....

    Please visit my blog and find out if you like it?

    Greetings from JoAnn

  2. Hi Rob, what a great idea. I hope you don't leave WS, I think things will be ok now.
    I love your site, so keep it up for us! No slacking now, LOL.
    Sharon from Minnesota