Sunday, October 7, 2007

Christmas in October?

A trip to the malls for a few items needed for the autum season. Everywhere we went, all the name brand stores already have their Christmas displays up and Christmas items ready for sale.

Is it really necessary to celebrate Christmas for 3 full months? For Pete's sake, we haven't celebrated Halloween or Thanksgiving yet. They must be trolling for cash early. Can we celebrate one holiday at a time, and in order, please? Sheesh!


  1. for some years now, we seem to celebrate Christmas earlier and earlier... it's the same here...

  2. Pathetic, isn't it? Yesterday a friend told me that her neighbor (she lives in the suburbs) was setting up a huge inflatable Biker Santa on his lawn, so she will have to look at that monstrosity every day for the next three or four months. Can you imagine?

  3. I think you are preaching to the perverted here! Its crazy - I loved Germany as Christmas seemed to appear almost overnight - very traditional.

  4. I owned a rubberstamp/scrapbook store until a few months ago, and it always drove me crazy to order Christmas stuff in the spring so I'd have them in summer (People making their cards have to have the stamps/papers early enough!). And, I'd have to have Valentine's stuff in by December. . .Easter by January. . .AUGH!

    I agree with you! Let's celebrate autumn, for heaven's sake!

  5. Hello, Dusty!

    Thanks for visiting over at my place. I am looking forward to your "Thanksgiving Comes First" post.

    By the way, EXCELLENT photo. Is that Minneapolis from Saint Paul, or vice-versa, or am I in the wrong part of the country altogether? :-)