Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tequila Sunrise

"Its another tequila sunrise,this old world
Still looks the same,
Another frame, mm..."
Just another work day, same routine as usual. Come into the office, sit in my chair and power up the PC; wait for the log in and the inevitable seven emails that await me.
The office is unusually quiet, not a sound, nobody discussing the previous evening's events. Surprise, eight emails. It is time to get a cup of coffee before answering the emails.
Not sure why, but I decided to bring my camera to the breakroom. Glad I did, after enjoying the first sip, I noticed the spectacular sunrise out our breakroom windows.
I power-gnaushed down that mug of coffee, and another while enjoying the sunrise. Email will have to wait. What a great start to the day! Those eight emails didn't seem so important anymore after witnessing this Tequila Sunrise. I ignored them, only to answer them at 10:30.
Some days you need to treat yourself; this old world, things are the same, a different frame.


  1. You were at work at sunrise?! Well it was worth getting up early because you got this fantastic photo. I frequently change my computer background screen. Do you mind if I use this beauty?

  2. Sunrises/sets are nice but there is often a sameness. You have something original here. The texture you create with the bare tree and the line of evergreens in the background, picking apart an exceptional sky, is something special. It has the efrfect of a stained glass window.

  3. Very beautiful sky. We rarely get to see it here like this, if ever.

  4. Gorgeous, it looks like fire in the sky, what a great office view to begin the workday with. Glad you had camera with you, and snapped a shot to share with me.

  5. You have a great view from your office!

  6. Stunning! I loved your caption :). I would've done the same!

  7. Now that is too funny. I was getting my kids ready for school and I noticed this very sunset with the small puffy clouds and it was orange as can as your photos shows.

    I was too busy with my routine to take a snapshot, but I'm so glad you captured it. I'll have to show my family as three minutes later, the orange glow was gone and the opportunity had passed.

  8. Boss, I love your blog, my new name is an old name Tumbleweed,
    sadly nowdays turned prophetic we are tumbled around by
    greedy forces without calling for a blog meeting all WS members..
    I am apalled, this should not happen, but I just sit and wait what this week brings...
    Your blog is fascinating Dusty Lens...I must sign up for a free class to you on blogging..
    Watch what you put in yoru mouth now on Halloweeen,migth not be what you ordered:) From my famous spelling you know who this is...Best regards from Tumbleweed

  9. Wow.... truly stunning shot!
    I just hopped over from Hyde DP -I'll be back to explore some more.

  10. Just wow! for the colours. It's enough.