Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fire Safety

Fire Hydrant outside Mill City in Minneapolis.

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  1. HI Rob,
    We don't see those RED fire-standards here anymore, our country "Holland" uses Puts in the streets, we have much water under the streets...

    Holland is wellknown for its waterworks, you might know that??? (The delta works and many , many bridges/roads over the waters) Holland is far below sealevel, therefore we are well prepared by hugh dikes....We made land over water "flevoland" now people live and wark on , ahat was first water/sea....

    ( Your name could be "Dusty")hahaha:) but you found a great name (because of a dirty lens).... So I looked up your city and surroundings on a map of the USA, its so interesting, of course I look at the map first but when YOU 'a person' who is living there, is telling me about the country, its coming more alive .....your country is WIDE, Big and wow many lakes!!! a 1000 lakes would be much already, but 10.000 is even more.

    Our "HOLLAND" is such a small country, therefore we speak more languages such as Dutch, German, French and English, ( I speak some Spanish and Italian too). I speak/write English on my blog, because half of my family is living in Canada, and some friends of me are living in France and Italy.

    So if you are interested in Europe, than you might like to visit my blog often, welov to trvel, soon we are going to Paris (France) 2 weeks froom now, and than I publice more photo's about Paris of course..

    have a great weekend:)JoAnn