Monday, August 10, 2009


The old railroad trestle heading into St. Paul across the Mississippi River. Old wood beams, planks, and rusty steel are captivating.


  1. belle texture avec ce b&w.
    nice texture with it b&w

  2. Love the feel of this photo. Really very nice composition. Great work.

  3. Captivating indeed - marvellous!

  4. Ooh this is so touchable. I do feel like I can feel those textures.

  5. Dang, you have an eye for this stuff. You really grabbed the texture too.

    Very cool

  6. You just can't beat railroad ties for texture and contrast!

  7. Again, great textures and tones, the lines give it some drama as well.

  8. The black and white really highlights the different textures. I can almost feel them!

  9. You've certainly mastered the conversion, bringing out those textures in the wood beautifully.

    I can see there's all sorts available in the scene - pattern and repetition, texture, converging lines, a veritable cornucopia!

    Here's an honest critique that I wouldn't normally do but I think your work is way good enough to stand it ;) And what I say is all well intentioned :)

    I'm not sure you've made the best of it. The various subjects don't connect in the composition and I wonder whether the scene needs breaking down into three or four separate but distinct shots?

    Or maybe a change of viewpoint (incl. height) could have brought them together into a more coherent composition?

    And finally, a quirky tilt can often improve a shot but you've not really gone far enough to make it quirky so I think it's ended up looking half-hearted.

    Ending on a plus - great exposure and, as I said at the start, it's a superb conversion ...and your treatment of the light is way good - just look at the textures in the wood!

    All imho, and confusion with reality unlikely!

  10. Damn that's nice. I've been down there looking at some of your past photos that I missed while hitchhiking home. You just get better and better DL!
    PS I LURV my photo. Merci again.

  11. Hiya Rob,
    I have to agree with Highton on this one.
    I think that you should go back and take another image this time with more of the smooth rail line in it to contrast with the texture in the wood.

  12. I think it's romantic.

  13. This is a good one. The crop leaves me wanting more. Really nice!

  14. Truly stunning!!
    And amazing textures.

    I will be back! :)