Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sarah Palin Book Signing Tour

Pail Book Signing

I had the pleasure of spending the day at Mall of America with Dan, Mickey, and Mitch to practice our photo-journalism skills at the Sarah Palin Book signing. The photography was difficult from such long distances due to barracades to keep order and the crazies from causing harm. The lighting was dark, I was forced to elevate the ISO to 1600 and use f5.6 at 300mm.

No matter which spectrum of politics is present, she certainly is news. Big news. The news media and the late night 'comedy' shows are doing a great job of keeping Sarah Palin in the headlines. Without them we may hear little about Mrs. Palin.

The crowds were thick at the Mall, the security was thicker. As a centrist, I am left wondering what it is about Sarah Palin that the Repubs see in her as a candidate. I also wonder why the Dems have such a visceral hatred for her. She certainly spurs controversy wherever she goes. One partisan dumbass with malice in his heart - Jeremy Paul Olson,
was arrested for throwing tomatoes toward Mrs. Palin. This incident reminds me as a kid back in the fifth grade when we used to act out in the school cafeteria by throwing food. Some people never grow up and remain adult children. (No offense toward children intended)

I can not understand this disrespect and hatred toward my fellow man. We have enough hate in this world as it is without hating anyone who thinks differently from the partisan leadership. What happened to the parties of progressiveness, peace and tolerance? I am beginning to believe they never existed.

One conclusion comes to mind; free speech is honored and respected only when it conforms to partisan rhetoric and politics.


  1. Amazing photo under the conditions! The Palins are a good-looking couple! I hope the tomato thrower gets more than a just a spanking!

  2. This is a great shot.... especially given the conditions we were under. A good lesson learned for me in this experience. When going to an indoor shoot..... to have my mono pod with me. At least in the car. There is no way we could have used a tripod.... but I bet a monopod would have been ok. In any event, this turned out really, really well.

  3. Well said, DL. I am a firm believer that both parties have lost their direction and their soul. Time for two new parties.

  4. A nice close and sharp photo, that I guess not many managed to take.

  5. Great pic, fan or hers or not (not), what a chance to get a good picture. I would have been there trying to get a picture, but I probably would have gotten the backs of the peoples head in focus and her blurry. I like the tree as a background also.

  6. As long as what you say is what people want to hear its fine. Free speech of sorts.

    Great photo.

  7. You certainly managed to get a decent shot under such difficult conditions. Is this a new career move for you?