Friday, December 26, 2008

Golden Red

Macro Bauble
Camera Model Name Canon PowerShot A710 IS
Shooting Mode Aperture-Priority AE
Tv (Shutter Speed) 1/25
Av (Aperture Value) 3.2
Light Metering Evaluative
ISO Speed 200
Focal Length 5.8 mm
Image Quality Superfine

Movie Premiere

Winston and the Rabbit
Rated PG - Parental Guidance suggested...

occurring violence to a stuffed rabbit
shredding of non-"green" gift paper
landfill to be filled with gift paper shredding,
and stuffed rabbit parts


  1. No doubt but that Winston liked his present! I'm wondering if it's still in one piece this morning :-)

  2. DL, your work is so inspirational and motivational! Love the hues and sharpness in this pic.

  3. AHhh Winston tore that open just like my grandchildren did yesterday! Lovely macro too. NOW what are we going to photograph???It's gray here and of course not a flake of snow so hmmmmm. See what I resorted to on my blog.

  4. Dazzling red! Very beautiful for the 2nd day of Christmas. I hope you, Mrs. DL & Winston had a very merry Christmas day.
    Rob, I wish to thank you for the wonderful award a few days back - it really means a lot to me esp. when it comes a photographer whose work I admire.(I am so sorry I got sidetracked and did not acknowledge earlier.)

  5. Looks like Winston had a Merry Christmas :) Hope you did, too.

  6. Not good to be a rabbit at Winston's Place!

  7. Well I always love a dog shot, and the close up red bauble is a smashing deep red sparkle. I trust you and yours had a fabulous Chritsmas.

  8. Love the ornament, but not as much as the movie premiere! Winston is sure a cutie and makes short work of his present!

  9. Beautiful macro, Rob. Hope you, Mrs. DL, and Winston the Wonder Dog had a great Christmas!

  10. I don't want to hear a peep when I put dogs, cats, kids, Santa, fake snow, babies etc.l on my blog, you hear?

  11. stunning detail, downright prickly pear