Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Blanket of snow

White Spine


  1. White spine of a pine...:-) Very pretty pictures!

  2. Wow. Love the effect in the bottom photo. Kind of creepy, but neat.

  3. Very nice photos!! Beautiful!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Love the nice warm light on this!

    You asked about my LR workflow. Here is is, such as it is. I have set up a file system that has a folder for the year, then subfolders named in the format "YYYY-MM-DD". in the LR inport module you can pic this from a drop down menu so it will automatically import into the proper folder based on your exif data. You can also add keywords to all the photos and set up various metadata templates to apply to all the photos you import. So, for example, I add a copyright notice and contact info to all the pics as they come in.

    I shoot raw most of the time and have an import preset set up that tweaks the clarity, contrast, and saturation a bit for every image. I generally import everything.

    Once it is imported then the next step is to cull out the throw aways in the library module. This just takes a few minutes, even on a couple of hundred images. Once this is done I flag the definate keepers in the batch. Again, this only takes a few minutes, even for lots of images.

    At this point I have a decision to make. If I want to get something to post, print, or email to someone quickly I filter my view to only look at the keepers then go over to the develop module in LR. Here you can do everything you can do to an image in camera raw in PS. With LR 2 you can now do some local touching up on an image. What you don't have is the ability to make layers.

    If you find yourself doing the same things to the images (ie. adjusting color balance, exposure, adding a vignette) you can do this to all the pics in a couple of key strokes. If you find you have give a pic a look that you like and you want to be able to do it again, then you can save all the settings as a preset and apply it anytime you want.

    If I am not in a hurry to get something to show then I stay in the library module and start going through the pictures I kept but did not mark as keepers. Basically, I am looking for pictures that I might be able to use after some more extensive image processing. LR has a lot of ways to sort and mark the photos. You can also add additional keywords. One thing that is really helpful is that it makes it very easy to add keywords.

    LR also has printing and web modules that I haven't explored much yet. Overall I find it quicker to use than bridge. I also still use PS quite a bit. It gives you way more control. My guess is that LR is oriented toward the photographer market as a whole while PS will be used by pros or motivated amatures. It will be interesting to see how Adobe positions these products. I know a lot of people who have not gone to CS3 or CS4 but have upgraded LR.

    Sorry for the long comment. Is this what you were looking for?

  5. Beautiful snow prints pictures!
    Interesting post by Dan too. Which answers a lot of my own questions.

  6. Very cool shot. I like the bottom one... it's interesting.

  7. Gorgeous! SNow scapes are my absolute favorite photos. I will never get tired of it. Now, where are the photos of the roaring fire I know you're sitting next to?

  8. Two great photos. I got all excited as we were forecast snow for monday but now its changed to cloud! :(

  9. Very pretty snow! You'll have to check out what we did today... possibly an ill-advised adventure (and certainly cold!) but some cool photos.

  10. that top picture looks like giant snow claws!

  11. belles photos de sapin sous la neige. J'ai enfin pu profiter de neige en allant a NYC ;o)

    beautiful photos of tree under the snow. I could finally enjoy snow from a NYC ;o)

  12. I would love it to snow here, I really would.

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