Wednesday, December 31, 2008

McMickey D's

Late Night Liquor Induced Munchies...
Again with the McDonald's Photos. Remember last January when I showed you our fine Mcfast food restaurant? Here is yet another look at McDonald's. Their new marketing scheme will promote healthier french fries. How you ask? They claim their new french fries will be higher in potassium therefore healthier for children. Have you ever heard such nonsense? Marketing healthy french fries from fast food? Really, now, that's just downright misleading.

Happy New Year! Be safe, see you next year!

Shooting Mode Manual Exposure
Tv( Shutter Speed ) 1/5
Av( Aperture Value ) 5.0
ISO Speed 100
Focal Length 180.0 mm


  1. je déteste les mcdo, mais tu lui donnes un super look. Bonne et heureuse année 2009.

    I hate mcdo, but it gives you a great look. Happy New Year 2009.

  2. Pretty fancy McD's. Our neighborhood one shut down 5 years ago. But BK is still close by & my son could eat it every day.
    We ate at McDonalds the most when we lived in Switzerland in the late '80s - cuz we needed fast food between train connections.

    Happy New Year & have an enjoyable evening!

  3. I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year
    ad i wish you another restaurant
    like Olivier i Hate Mc Do

  4. I agree with Tash: pretty fancy McDonalds you have. I guess no different than last month, but for some reason I noticed it now. LOL regarding the fries! Have a healthy and safe new year!

  5. I wish you a very Happy New Year and so as Olivier said I hate McD me too

  6. Fancy, fancy... wait for their new McCafes which should come out pretty soon...
    I have never any Mc Attack but my other half has once a year...
    You provide them with a good ad here!
    I wish you a safe Year ahead!

  7. Olivier's McDo cracks me up! I hate to admit that secretly deep down in my heart of hearts I love a Big Mac. I try my best to keep it hidden from the world but it's New Year's Eve and i feel the need to confess. Have a good one DL. Rumor has it "Jock" Daniels is coming to my house tonight.

  8. I do indeed love McDonald's fries... but somehow can't quite believe that they will ever be "healthy".

    Happy New Year to you and Mrs. DL!

  9. Healthy FF. Hmm Pass that one on to jamie Oliver to deal with. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  10. Happy New Year Everyone!

  11. Portland Oregon Daily Photo sends you heartfelt wishes for the new year. May your 2009 be filled with good health, riches of the mind and heart, loved ones returning home, an increased respect for our fragile planet, and the cessation of wars across the Earth.

    Nonsense, indeed! Still and all, it's a great photo.

  12. You're right, it sounds like nonsense, but I can completely believe them trying to make the case! I grew up in the state that sells McDonalds all of its french fries (Idaho...ya potatoes), and we were subjected to constant advertising about how good french fries really were for you. If only the grease didn't make them so darn good! :)

  13. Rediculous, yes; fantastically good, YESH !!