Monday, December 1, 2008

Planetary Moon

Planetary Moon

When Venus and Jupiter dance with the Moon.

Shooting Mode Manual Exposure
Tv( Shutter Speed ) 1
Av( Aperture Value ) 11.0
ISO Speed 100

Focal Length 225.0 mm


  1. magnifique, un vrai poeme cette photo.

    "Oh oui viens, allez viens !
    Oublie tes pleurs, tes chagrins
    Prend ma main
    Ce soir, je t'emmène,
    Danser sur la lune
    Flâner sur les dunes
    Danser sur la lune.

    Allez viens
    Allez viens, je t'emmène,
    Danser sur la lune
    Je t'emmène là-haut
    Danser sur la lune."

    beautiful, it's a real poem this picture.

    "Oh yes come, just go!
    Forget your tears, your sorrows
    Take my hand
    Tonight, I take you,
    Dancing on the Moon
    Strolling on the dunes
    Dancing on the moon.

    Come on, I take you,
    Dancing on the Moon
    I t'emmène up there
    Dancing on the Moon. " Marilou.

  2. YOU DID IT!!!! Congratulations. Such a crisp photo too. Just lovely.

  3. PS - I'm so glad the skies cleared up for you.

  4. I didn't think I was going to be able to see it...thought there'd be a blanket of clouds over us...but it was clear and I did. Wondrous to think of what I was looking at. Too cold to stay out long enough to set up a tripod though! Good for you that you did...

  5. The view was awesome! At a certain time the planets were so close to the moon!!! I tried to take some pics but could not get a proper one...

  6. Exactly what we saw in Phoenix yesterday night!

  7. Well that's pretty amazing. I read the "stats" and still don't think I could do it. I don't know Tv, that would probably help,duh!
    Come on over to my Paris blog,it's dedicated to vous, mon ami! :) JM said all it needs is some vin. Will you pick up a bottle on your way over???

  8. Oh and I forgot, Olivier's poem is perfect. What a dear he is!

  9. I love it! I found out how necessary a tripod is to celestial photography. Since I don't have one, my moon came out looking like a big fat alien worm and jupiter and venus are 2 identical skinny squiggles.