Friday, April 24, 2009

Boardwalk Reflection

The Boardwalk at Elm Creek Park Reserve.

Finally; we finally have better weather. The sky is blue again rather than that dull gray cloud cover we’ve grown to dislike. What glorious weather we are having, perfect for a bicycle ride.

I spent Monday morning wandering around Elm Creek Park Reserve on the hiking trails in search of a good photo opportunity. I witnessed a number of palliated woodpeckers, but they are more shy than a 10 point buck on opening day. Despite the wary wildlife, I had the hiking trails to myself, which was nice.

But back at the nature Center’s Office; holy cow! It was loaded with moms and all sizes of children under 6. They have all sorts of programs for these little naturalists in training. And the staff had a workout from their hundreds of questions. Questions like, “what’s that? Can’t we go outside? Can’t we go inside? Why are the birds outside? I have to go potty.” What a hoot.

I have been taking my bicycle out daily for a morning spin. So far this week, I have logged on 48 miles. Not a lot of miles I know, but this is the first few rides of the year. And I am now suffering from “Bike Butt”. You would think they could build a better more comfortable bicycle seat. That’s all I have to say about that.

This morning, I rode a sixteen mile loop that took over 3 hours to complete. Why 3 hours you ask? Caribou coffee, of course! The perfect pit stop to sit back, relax and enjoy a large cold press coffee while the rest of the world works.

These mornings, I share the bike trail between Coon Rapids Dam and Elm Creek Park with the geriatrics, (they can ride circles around me). They’re all over the trails on their bikes. Some ride in groups, some by themselves. Some wear helmets, some with headphone radios circa 1982. I’m beginning to think there is a bikers club for this lycra wearing older group; Hells Geriatrics – Bikers Gang.

Me, I just wear my dark blue Twins cap that pleasantly accentuates my graying hair. (Don’t hate me ‘cause I’m beautiful).

I get the nod from this elderly crowd as we pass in opposite direction. I’m sensing I may be initiated into this elderly bicyclists club, willing or not. While at Caribou Coffee, a gray haired biker momma riding a fancy Giant Crossover bike smiled and exclaimed to me, “Oh, nice bike you have! What a great day to ride, a bit windy though. But still a pleasant day for a ride.” I let them get a long, long head start before leaving the safety of Caribou Coffee.

Since baseball has begun, ESPN has been fun to watch. Just the other afternoon, I was clicking between the Twins game and the Manchester United / FC Porto European Football match. Manchester United won 1-0 and faced Arsenel next. I am wondering when I will get the chance to view “my” team, Italia Calcio Internazionale. The only thing to improve on that was to watch the games with a beer.

Unfortunately, that was on a Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday nights, I’m taking a night class at Dunwoody Technical College. The class; PLC Programming. Interesting and fun. A bit of relearning binary and hexadecimal number systems. There is talk of moving up the second session for the summer rather than waiting for fall quarter. So, I may be tied up all summer with more studies.

I noticed on one ride to Coon Rapids Dam that the area is crowded with guys fishing the Mississippi, or the backwaters. Their ages vary from twenty-something to seventy-something. One group of a dozen seemed to know each other quite well and have fished that area regularly. There was more visiting and harassing each other and joking around than actual fishing. I may have to join them one of these days. Yet another thing to keep me busy.

Still no word about employment. However, I have plenty keeping me busy. PLC programming studies, cooking, hiking, laundry, photography, house cleaning, reading, baking bread, and being chased down by elderly women on bicycles.

One of the placement agencies, the rep I was working with left and relocated to North Carolina. Another agency laid –off a few of their reps. Seems the economy keeps getting worse each week.

Now to go grill up some burgers for tonight’s dinner. Some studying, then off early to bed. I have a full morning planned tomorrow. Think I’ll ride over to the dam around sunup and see about photo-shooting some ospreys and bald eagles. Maybe get in some fishing.

But I need to remember to get back earlier this time. There is a brutal rush hour on the bike trails. And some of them bikers can become quite cantankerous.

Oh, and I still have no clue what day it is.

The Rob Report


  1. It looks unreal; you've photographed it so nicely :)

    Detailed Leaf Structure

  2. Great report! Made me feel like I was there with you. I miss living by the dam. I used to do my runwajogs up there. The crowds around there are quite the hoot, indeed! Great photo too.

  3. Awesome Rob Report!
    I'll be back to have a look at the picture which does not want to appear on my screen... probably because I did not read your report carefully enough!
    Have a nice weekend! I am off for a 6 hour drive not ride...

  4. It's Friday, it's Friday, it's Friday! What field are you looking for work in?

  5. fantastic light and love the strong vertical and horizontal lines in this. Great work

  6. Hell's Geriatrics???? I resemble that remark but not on a bike! Remember, I'm not too fond of bikers, but I'd hit on you DL regardless!:)

    Hey, send me a loaf of French bread and an adult beverage.

  7. Are you taking a writing class too? I've never seen you write so much! Beautiful photo (as usual). Be wary of those gray haired geriatrics... they'll get ya! ;-) Oh, and I have no idea what day it is either. Isn't it nice?

  8. love the reflection and the old grayed wood.
    very cool.

  9. What a day. Yours seems really interesting to spend. A lovely shot. I haven't managed to shoot a reflection photo.

  10. G'day from Australia. I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog. Great images here - you and I seem drawn to the same subjects.

    The man in the iron mask photo was great!

  11. And, leading that life, who wants to find a job?
    Great photo, Rob.

  12. Beautiful photo!!!! Great post!!!! Thanks to David and POTD for leading me here!!! Hope you can find work soon...I think :-)

  13. Congrats on POTD! LOVE the shot! It is truly fabulous. And the point of you you wrote from. Cheers to you.

  14. Always nice to find another MN blogger. Beautiful photo and isn't it great to be outside with at least a bit of warmth. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Great job! Congratulations on the Post of the Day Award from authorblog!

  16. stunningly beautiful. symmetry, color and great angles.