Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stained Glass Review

Rose Windows at Saint Paul's Cathedral in St. Paul, Minnesota

The Resurrection Window is located in the choir loft the work of Charles J. Connick

The North Rose Window is the work of Charles J. Connick. Here are eight North American Martyrs surrounding Mary "Queen of Martyrs". John de Brebeuf, gabriel Lalemant, Rene goupil, Noel Chabanel, Charles Garnier, Anthony Daniel, Isaac Jogues, and Jean Lalande. They were French Jesuit Missionaries to Native Americans in Canada and New York State martyred in the 1640's.

The South Rose Window is located south in line with Selby Avenue, the work of Charles J. Connick. The theme is from the Beatitudes spoken by jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. Christ in the center is surrounded by eight saints of the new world. Clockwise from upper right; Rose of Lima (suffering), Toribio of Mogrovejo (peacemaking), Kateri Tekawitha (purity of heart), Francis Solano (mercy), Francis Xavier Cabrini (hunger and thirst for justice), Peter Claver (mourning), Rose Philippine Duchesne (meekness), and Martin de Porres (poverty of spirit)


  1. these stained-glass window are gorgeous.

    your pics look even better when clicked and enlarged.

    honestly? we like these, they're nothing compared to previous pic of caboose (our favorite; absolutely masterful composition) and your machinery work shows quite the eye.

    thank you for sharing,


  2. Oh wow, these are all gorgeous! How big are they? They're so elaborate and the details are exquisite!

    My Jesuit friends will absolutely adore the North Rose Window :)

  3. superbe, on dirait une planète avec toutes les étoiles autour, la lumiere est grandiose sur ces photos

    superb, it looks like a planet with all the stars around, the light is great in these photos

  4. Those are some awesome photos...I love stained glass in churches...

  5. Just yesterday at a gulld meeting at our church we had a talk on the chapel windows in our church, and they were all designed and crafted by Connick's company. Small world. These today are spectacular and I can appreciate how difficult they were to capture. You did a masterful job on these DL.

  6. Such incredibly beautiful windows.

  7. Rose windows are not easy to capture. SUch a great photography job!
    A derivative of mandalas.

  8. Wow! These are wonderful (as are your shots of them). I especially like the first one!

  9. Great job on this photo, Rob. As Virginia said, it's not easy to get a good shot of stained glass. I guess this photo is especially meaningful to me... it was actually my desire to create beautiful stained glass art that lead me to mosaic art, and then on to art tiles. I much preferred the tactile experience of clay, so that's the direction I took... But I still have dreams of working with colorful glass (and maybe someday I will). Thanks for sharing your beautiful works!

  10. incredible windows. great job recording them.