Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mississippi Islandview

Springtime along the Mississippi River where the island splits the river below the Coon Rapids Dam.

I've been tied up lately enjoying our wonderful weather and long walks along the trails of the Mississippi River. Also, a group of us have been monitoring a nesting pair of Ospreys. Images to be posted shortly as I have much post processing to accomplish.


  1. Fabulous photo. The water seems to sparkle.

  2. photo bucolique, mode HDR l├ęger, j'aime bien
    bucolic photograph, light mode HDR, I like well

  3. Could you email me about these Ospreys? I think my bro-in-law may have discovered this same nest or else its a different one...he thinks its Herons. We may go Saturday to find it :)

  4. To think this will all soon be green, green, green!

  5. I like this picture -- it is somehow calming.

    Thanks for visiting both my sites. I would describe the sound made by the Sounding Sculpture as a humming harp. Subtly different tones but without the pauses that you can get with a harp.

    There are ornithology hikes in Chicago, too. I hope to get to one soon. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your photos of the Osprey. We happen to have been on Sanibel Island, FL a few years ago just after several Osprey nests hatched in trees near where we were staying. Baby ospreys seem to be VERY needy and demanding ;)

  6. Wow!! Looks so peaceful, I can spend hours there.