Friday, April 17, 2009

Little Big Switch

Large duty for a little switch


  1. une belle sensation de rouille. on voit bien la texture du bois et de la rouille

    a great feeling of rust. we can see the texture of wood and rust

  2. love this,

    for some reason many folk avoid shots of plain ole "objects" yet these are usually the most interesting. the combination of color, texture and the photographer's freedom to compose: which way is up?

    thanks for the post


  3. It is amazing to think how important this small, easily overlooked and apparently neglected piece of equipment is. Someone should shoot some WD40 on that thing!

    Nice image. This is so full of color and texture and a great reminder that photography is not about what you see but what you look at.

  4. Oh, that is so cute! What is it's big job? Does it tell the train which way to go?

  5. Poor switch! A bit abvandoned? Like the railway? Long live the railways!

  6. That little switch looks like it hasn't worked for awhile...

    Great shot DL!

  7. Oh my Granddaddy worked as a switchman for the Missouri- Pacific Railroad all his life. Sadly I never knew exactly what he did when he went to work each afternoon. Maybe this was part of his job.
    Thanks DL,