Tuesday, November 6, 2007


364 More Days
364, a magic number. 364 days from now, we take time to vote in the next upcoming Presidential election. It matters not from which political camp the candidates are from, we the public are doomed either way.
364! 364 days of campaign news. 364 days of hot air, 364 days of mudslinging. 364 days of empty promises, inevitably to be broken. 364 days of campaign slogans. 364 days of yard signs. 364 days of one candidate telling us what the other won't do for us, and 364 days of the other candidate telling us what the other had done to us.
364 days of BS.
Free Air? Not hardly; it comes with an expense, the expense of the public's sanity.

364 days of trying to numb our pain.

364 days of our elected public officials NOT doing their jobs we elected them to do. I sure wish I could get paid to not do my job like these con-artists. 364 days of asprin and ibuprofin to quell my 364 day headache listening to these mudslinging BS artists. Millions will be spent (wasted) in campaign financing by both the DNC and RNC. Imagine the betterment for public good this money could have been used for rather than thrown away in nonsense campaigns. A poignant movie quote from Micheal Corleone, "Politics and crime, they are the same".

364 More Days...pass me another beer, please, this will be a long year.


  1. Damn - that long? Even half way around the world we are hearing way more about the presidental campaigns than i want or need to know

    Better have a lot of beer ready!

  2. Yes, it's getting tiresome isn't it? And then we have to endure the convention also! But it'll have some wonderful photo opportunities, I'll bet--especially outside the Excel Center with the protesters.

  3. one year of campaign??? that must be dreadful! in here we have campaign for European Parliament Elections, and I can tell you it is already boring - it started only like a week or two ago. we don't care much, as we are sich and tired or crappy politics, and this EU Parliament is something that seems sooooo far away...