Monday, November 19, 2007

Pink Sky in Morning...

...Commuter take warning! Or something on that order as the saying goes. Probably the last morning of sunlight on the morning commute.
Right on schedule, traffic congestion due to two traffic accidents miles ahead. A brand new day, yet so similar to the past...except for this sunrise!


  1. Hi Rob,
    What a great photo, also the colour and the moving cars , just all on its right place uh?

    Thank you so much for your celebration (for my birthday)! and your interest in me, and my trip to Paris. Its a fantastic!! city and I will publice soon some great views from my point of (digital) view , and you know me 'always playing with my camera' I'm Glad to be back, I missed YOU too:)

    JoAnn :)

  2. Really effective blur.

    BTW My camera phone is 3.2 MP but they are going up all the time!

  3. Really very beautiful photographs the morning

  4. It's a really colourful, wonderful sunrise!!!