Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Delusions

Somebody had an interesting day; the bottle isn't even empty. Tossed aside into the leaves beyond the sidewalk. I'm betting they had a whopper of a headache.
Was this a hurried celebration for the upcoming weekend? Or was this a way of forgetting the work week? Either way, it is alcohol abuse on many levels.


  1. Are you sure what is in the bottle is what the label declares? Not me - and don't want to know :) Pretty stark picture and thought.

  2. If it's near a street, maybe it was tossed out of a car window by a concerned partner. Another thought is - the bottle tosser may of been someone torn between two desires - to drink, and not to drink.

  3. I was out shooting along the river on Nicollet Island a couple weeks ago and found a full bottle of beer with the cap on. Somebody out there is seriously slacking on the whole 'public intoxication' thing.

    - Mitch