Friday, November 30, 2007

Refueling - On the Run

Early morning stop at the Mobil station. The Jeep's tank was empty...I'll spare you the small fortune I spent on refueling. And my belly was a bit emty feeling as well. Of course a coffee to go was purchased as well as breakfast.

I intended to buy something healthy to eat. That is when I saw the glorious Apple Fritter. My mind swam, my mouth was drooling, I started hyperventilating with Apple Fritter fairies dancing in my head. No, I must resist way too many calories. I don't need any more.

So I devoured that Apple Fritter on the drive to work. It was everything an Apple Fritter could be, above and beyond the call of deliciousness. Note to self, stay away from this Mobil station and it's enticing Apple Fritters.


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  2. Your photo reminds me that sunrise in quite late in Minnesota these days. But you must resist the apple fritters of death, peddled by the calorie-transfat-industrial complex. I keep a box of granola and a quart of milk in the office and bring a banana. I eat my breakfast of champions at my desk while looking at the morning's CDPB posts.

  3. Hi Rob,
    wonderfull to see a Mobil station from so ar away, your words are making the photo alive for me:)

    I Just want to let you know that: I POSTED TODAY (FRIDAY) again 3 more HUGH works of the LOUVRE on my blog, a slide- show with 34 photo's and 8 collages, also a close-up of the MONA LISA, so please watch it :)

    Have a great weekend! :)


  4. At the Esso or Mobil stations in Singapore, the convenient stalls used to be called On the Run too!

    But last year or so, ExxonMobil let a local supermarket run it. I used to get my supply of ice cream from there. haha...