Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thanksgiving Comes First

(Image courtesy Thanksgiving Corner, FREE Thanksgiving wallpapers are available here as well as Christmas wallpapers.)

Amazing how the time flies, Halloween is over 15 days ago, and Thanksgiving is a mere week away. But with the usual antics from our local strip malls, department stores, and news media of all types, we know all too well Christmas is coming.

As I have already reported, back on October 7th, Kohl's was the first time I experienced this year's Christmas shopping blitz.

Ironically, while I type this post, I overheard two Christmas commercials on the TV blaring in the background. It is only November 15th!!

Five and a half weeks until Christmas, Thanksgiving is a week away. But we must suffer the onslaught of rabid materialistic commercialism. And don't get me started on that jolly fat man in the red suit.

A shame is upon the proprietors of materialistic goods that cheapen the Christmas holiday and overshadow Thanksgiving. Why is it necessary to forget Thanksgiving and peddle seasonal goods and wares?

But I digress, this is a time for Thanksgiving. A time to give thanks for all we have. A time to be with family and friends. To reconnect with loved ones and visit relatives we haven't seen for some time. A time to relish the Autumn's abundant harvest.

Thanksgiving is a non assuming holiday, there are no gifts, packages, or bows. No gift lists, suggestions, gift wrap, tinsel, or musical prose.

Just remember to look at the calendar, Thanksgiving is on November 22, Christmas is on December 25. So please, let us celebrate one holiday at a time, and in order, it is only one day for Pete's sake!

I join in a protest along with many others to bring back some sanity and slow down the rampant commercialism of Christmas, especially before Thanksgiving. Have a care, join in, let's solve this dilemma.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Merry Retail Sales and Happy Corporate Earnings!


  1. "Let us celebrate one holiday at a time, and in order." That's right! Nice post. :)

  2. Ah, another blogger who is opposed to commericialization of Christmas. Visit my blog today to see what Rosedale has wrought!!

  3. The turkeys here are very ill, you might have heard. Beef for us!

  4. A quiet, simple Thanksgiving and then a quiet, simple Christmas - that's the way I like both best.

  5. We were watching The Food Channel awhile ago. It was nice to see Paula Deen whip up a Thanksgiving meal, followed by a bit of Thanksgiving history.