Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mums for Moms

Yesterday, I posted a photo of our first snow here in the north metro area on Minnesota. Today was quite different. Today was a beautiful sunny and warm day. The kind of day one wishes to relax a little before finishing the yard work before winter.
Under the sign for our neighborhood Wells Fargo Bank is this pretty bed of 'mums. I thought it pretty for all of you hard working moms. Happy Sunday!


  1. The colours are so bright and vivid! I especially like the way you framed the bottom with the "cabbage" flowers.

  2. Beautiful photography. I like the picture yesterday too but you can keep the snow. LOL

    Thanks for visiting my blogs.

    I plant a lot of Purple Cone Flower seed each year and they produce lots of my feathered friends and nice insects too.

  3. a sunny and warm picture too!

  4. Now that's what I call a flower bed! Wow. And I've enjoyed browsing your recent posts. I especially am proud to see the saved oaks along the boulevard.

    About the Jeeps, etc. parked along our street--before too long many of them will have donned their snow tires so we'll be serenaded by the sound of dit-dit-dit-dit-dit-dit as they pass by. Sometimes we can hear it all the way up here on the 4th floor, with our windows closed. Mama and I don't go anywhere in the Buick that requires snow tires, I'm quite proud to report.

  5. Those colors are so vibrant. I love those "cabbage" flowers at the bottom!