Monday, November 12, 2007

At the Bus Stop

A few days ago, November 9nth to be exact, Hyde Daily Photo in the United Kingdom posted a photo of a bus stop sign. I thought I would return the favor.
Here is a typical bus stop in our town, a non descriptive sign, a bench adorned with plenty of advertising, that is about it. Nothing special. Although the marketers seemed to have the bus stop bench lobby with all their advertising expertise on every bus stop bench. I am amazed by all the advertising we are bombarded with on a daily basis.


  1. A common scene in some parts of town; and, you're right--there's nothing really special about it (unless you're tired and need to sit down!).

  2. Intersting bus stop sign. While we have advertsing on bus shelters we don't seem to find advertising on benches.
    I was surprised the one time we were in America [Los Angeles 1999] to see a sign that said "Rent this Bench" -- I had no idea it refered to the advertising space rather than the seat itself.

  3. Neat shot... but what strikes me is the trees and the sign look all lined up in a row. I'm sure it was designed that way. I think it makes it very interesting!
    Also - love the bench. I have a "thing" for benches!