Friday, November 23, 2007

So it Begins

The day after Thanksgiving is typically a busy shopping day for the upcoming Christmas holiday. All the shops, stores, and malls are paked with package laden customers. No parking to be found anywhere, except at this parking meter. Nope now it's taken.


  1. Parking meters are not in effect today, are they?

  2. I didn't realize any town still had meters. Did you get a lot of shopping done?

  3. I hope you didn't have to go shopping. The stores must've been horrible today.

    We did not step out at all. No TV. No radio. Our favorite music on all day, books, the laptops, fun in the kitchen cooking together, wine, lattes, tea, a sweet treat, laughs. It was so cold outside and so very cozy and lovely at home... :)

    Have a nice and warm weekend, Dusty.

  4. Dusty -
    I must confess, I went out shopping; doing my best to prop up the economy. One thing I got was a new ultra-wide angle lens, keep an eye on for the results.

    I have an idea for you; go back to the same parking meter and take 100 shots of it. Keep moving around and playing with angles. I guarantee that somewhere after shot 50 you will find something really cool. When you get stuck, look for lines you can connect from the background, zoom in on details, etc.

    - Mitch, Minneapolis Photographer

  5. Interesting shot...I like how you've captured the reflection of the car in the window too!

    I NEVER shop on the day after Thanksgiving.... in fact....I really don't like to shop much at all.

    I like Mitch's idea....I think I might try that.