Friday, December 7, 2007


So much construction here these days, the highway department has stacks of these concrete barriers at the site. We usually see these in a long ribbons dividing opposing directions of traffic. Rarely, if at all, we see them stacked up as if there was going to be a Jenga tournament.

Barriers are to keep people out. Could these also be used to keep us out of the malls? Oh, I can only hope! ;-)


  1. I like this picture for its feeling of sheer mass and weight. As our French friends say, c'est formidable.

  2. Love the detail and pattern in this photograph - the texture, colour. Very nice.

  3. pfffffffffffff, what I thought on the first sight HEAVY!!!
    Yes and the constuctors keep building houses, shops, whatever, well done that you saw them and..... that you were carying your camera!

    I posted again some Paris Pics in case you are interested, just visit my blog and look:)I wish you a good weekend

    Greetings JoAnn:)

  4. These railings are called "K" rail in the industry, and they work, because the shape will turn any errant vehicle back into it's own lane. They WORK ! How much better the result; if Princess Di's car had careened into a run of K rail there would have been no death. Instead the French have an underpass arranged with hard sharp edges, like trying to run your arm through a cheese grater.This is called constructive failure; but after the accident, mum's the word.
    Richard (SAN)