Thursday, December 6, 2007

Go Green...

Buzz Words; Go Greener, Hybrid, Alternative fuels. Soy-based biodiesel?

New this year in Minneapolis, the hybrid-electric bus on the Nicollet Mall. "The hybrid buses deliver 22 percent better fuel mileage and produce 90 percent fewer emissions than the buses they replace". Quoted from the Metropolitan Council. An annual savings of approximately 1,965 gallons of fuel per bus.

These new hybrids cost $557,000 each, thus far, they have averaged 4.71 miles per gallon. The standard bus averages 3.86 miles per gallon.

Go Green....

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  1. Buses are used for messages more and more these days.

  2. I definitely support vehicles that help make the world carbon neutral!

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  3. not only that I like the colours in this picture, but I also like the idea of the green busses, in terms of echology.