Monday, December 17, 2007

Paddle the Rum River

This is Main Street bridge in Anoka over the Rum River. This is a similar view of Main Street I showed you back in September.

Yesterday, I met two gentlemen on a footbridge over the Rum River. The gentelman in the foreground was feeding cracked corn to the ducks far below. The other gentelman and I had a nice chat about our local ducks.

These local mallards will stay throughout the winter as long as there is open water. This I knew, but never realized the numbers of ducks that reside here all winter long. The ducks seem to enjoy the ice shelf. However I am fascinated by how their leags and feet don't freeze.


  1. Wow....that's a LOT of ducks!

    I love ducks and geese!

    Neat shot!

  2. So great! Love the water wildlife and the frosty river beaches!

  3. There sure are a lot of them, and it sure looks cold.