Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Blacksheep Squadron

Back to nature.

Typical for the Blacksheep Squadron; they're out of formation with an uncanny ability to fly leaderless, yet fly in the right direction - south. Skys are clear for a good flight.


  1. both pictures are real nice. The birds are big. The ones we have down here now are the little grackels are something like that, tons of them.

  2. Looks a little bit like an "M" formation instead of a "v" formation **hee hee hee.

  3. I like both: that so blue sky and those birds flying in a sort of M formation. Good capture !!!

    P.S. about that bright red Ferrari I called in Maranello and talked with C.E.O. Mr. Todt. Well they are trendously sorry but at the moment are available *none* bright red coloured :-(

  4. Fantastic shot! Love it when birds form the V. A blue sky doesn't hurt either.

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