Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Time Piece

The Soo Line Building certainly has a unique looking clock. This got me thinking of all the time pieces I see on a daily basis.

The one on my wrist, two on my work computer, (dual monitors), the desk phone, my cell phone, my Jeep, (which is an hour off-I never changed it this past autum), home PC, VCR, alarm clock, microwave, desk clock, even my camera. Look at the EXIF data, my camera is one hour off from this clock shown.

Are we ruled by time with too many deadlines? Are we short on time? If yes, perhaps it is high time to throw out our time pieces, smell the roses, and have a good time. Looking forward to my favorite time tonight, "happy hour".


  1. I agree wholeheartedly....we definitely all need to slow down and live each day to the fullest!
    Great shot!

  2. always short of time, always with deadlines... slow down?! I have no time :)!

  3. I love these old clocks ... this one reminds me of the Marshall Fields clock in Chicago (which I think Macys smartly decided not to change). They do make you thing about simpler times.

  4. Hi Rob,
    I saw that you reacted on my 'personal thoughts" well I rarely post some thoughts, but I thankyou for reacting, your blog is great too me , I love your Amrican/man(?) style of humor too, though I am a traveller you know? So I am interested in YOUR habits and YOUR humor, and everything! Its all very interesting to me to look "through your camera's eyes"

    I really enjoy watching your blog!
    You also have a very good 'eye' for details! And your words for very well too. Thanks for showing your photo's< I come back!

    Today I posted 'for a change' some portraits of IOS (wooof!) come and see, bye have a good day:)


  5. I like this clock. It's got character. But apart from that, the left side of the photo also makes the whole composition interesting.

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