Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Chrome Crosshatch

Otis, not just a character on The Andy Griffith Show.

A trip to Macy's downtown to see their annnual auditorium Christmas display. A tradition that Dayton's had started back in 1963. Both Marshal Field's and Macy's have continued the tradition. This year, their Christmas display was The Nutcracker. (I hope to have some photos ready for you at a later date).

This was almost impossible to take from a perfect vertical position without getting my shadow or shoes in the pic, plus dodging a few Macy's customers wanting to go down. This floor plate is of the down escalator from the 8th floor. I noticed the silver and black pattern, that looks like pewter, to be quite mesmerizing. Simple beauty in everyday objects.


  1. No comments - well I like it. Nice form and texture, post modernist industrial art form!

    from South Shields Daily Photo

  2. mesmerizing indeed! this word crossed my mind when I first saw the photo.

  3. Simple beauty in everyday objects....I LOVE that line....and I have been seeing so much of that beauty lately! I absolutely LOVE this shot!

  4. Very fine. Thanks for this homage to this good old Franz Mesmer.

  5. Hi Rob,
    What a fantastic Detail!!! welldone:)