Monday, December 10, 2007

Color of Commerce

Double duty this day. Moments before this photo was captured, these two name brand shopping carts were filled with packags and bags of Christmas goods. Heaped was the real word for it.

Now these two red sentinals of commerce sit outside in the lot empty. Outside that is until the name brand store's courtesy clerk rounds them up unside to be filled once again. A life of consumerism of vast prosperity, onlyespecially this time of year. Is it January, yet?


  1. Do you just dump your shopping trolleys in the parking lot? That would be frowned upon here. You are expected to return your trolley to one of the trolley bays. At some supermarkets all the trolleys are linked and you have to put a pound coin in a slot to release one and hence you have to return to reclaim your pound coin back afterwards.

  2. While I agree with your comments about this time of year, I have to say that in a strange way we miss Target. Nothing like that here.
    We also have to put a coin in our shopping carts here, so you almost never see them left lying around. A simple reward (or more accurately threat of loss) that works well, although it's too bad that people can't take 2 minutes to return the carts to a corral out of decency.