Friday, November 21, 2008

OS & Y Valve

Typical Fire Department Connection. O S & Y, (Outside Screw and Yoke). This valve is located somewhere downtown. Here are two more from around the metro area.

Shooting Mode: Manual Exposure
Shutter Speed: 1/10
Aperture Value: 9.0
ISO Speed: 200
Focal Length: 41.0 mm
White Balance Mode: Daylight


  1. encore un beau détail, on dirait les mâchoires d'un alien ;o)

  2. very useful ! nice detail !

  3. I've always thought these things photogenic...and you proved it. Thanks for educating me on their name!

  4. Love the texture in this! Always find your work inspiring.

  5. Yes these fire water connections are quite interesting. I got one that looks like a multi headed monster somewhere among my thousands of photos. Gonna dig it out for you :)

  6. this is actually a siamese connection for the fire hoses. O S & Y is outside screw and yoke but is a gate vlave usually located on the fireline backflow preventer that looks like a steering wheel.