Sunday, November 30, 2008

Two Things Challenge - Apples / Oranges

An apple and an orange with some other fruit thrown in. How about sharing a coffee granita too?
This week's challenge is apples and oranges. A literal and figurative sense of the term. There is an apple and an orange here, literal sense. But, they are fake; plastic simulated food. The coffee granitas are real, figuratively speaking.
A stretch, probably.

If you'd like to join, please visit 2 Things Weekly Challenge .


  1. Such an traditional fruit basket - looks good enough to paint (or photo). It looked good to eat too, but then I found out... I like the doily, too. The coffee icee seems a bit chilly for Minneapolis. How about Hot Buttered Rum?

  2. No stretch...very clever!

  3. I agree with June I think this is a clever interpretation!

  4. Hold the coffee , pass the Jim Beam.
    If J doesn't quit dreaming these insane challenges we might overthrow the government. Next week??? OMG!

  5. Nice interpretation! Mmmmmmm, coffee granita! My mom used to make that for me with espresso when I was a little girl. And now I drink so much coffee it runs through my veins. But I LOVE it!

  6. Great combination, DL. Nothing better than grown-up Slurpees! ;-)