Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Garlic and Peppers

Garlic and Peppers hang in front of Cossetta's upstairs windows.

Shooting Mode Manual Exposure
Tv( Shutter Speed ) 1/6
Av( Aperture Value ) 5.6
Metering Mode Partial Metering
ISO Speed 400
Focal Length 59.0 mm
Image Quality RAW


  1. on a l'impression d'une photo en relief, on a envie de les prendre.
    one gets the impression of an image in relief, we want to take.

  2. Hi there-
    You got a great shot of these! Maybe you cropped or zoomed, but mine looks like sacks of eyeballs, no kidding ! Maybe I'll publish that on Halloween! Nice job, per usual.

  3. I'm LOL at Roaming's comment about the sack of eyeballs! Guess this is from your jaunt with the bloggers? Love this one. Thought it was from your trip ot Italy.

  4. I love how the light catches on the netting of the garlic. Great shot!

  5. Garlic and peppers... what else do you need? Maybe a bit of salt? Great shot!!

  6. Looks tasty. I love food photos.