Monday, March 2, 2009

Bike Shop

Spring fever has set in, go visit your neighborhood bicycle shop. Here in the North Metro, we have Traihead Cycling and Fitness . They have a wide variety and selection of bicycles to choose from. Better yet, they have riding events. Just meet up at their door for scheduled events, and your off on a group cycle ride. Stop in and test ride a model. We are still in the winter season, it is best to ride with studded tired on the snow and ice.


  1. so, as everything else, even the bicycles make me scream for spring :)!

  2. les USA préparent le retour d'Armstrong dans le tour de France ;o). Belle photo, j'aime les boutiques pour cyclismes.

    USA prepare for the return of Armstrong in the Tour de France ;o). Nice picture, I like shopping for cycling.

  3. That brings back memories. I a past life I was a racing cyclist and was training for the Olympics until got hit by a car and that put a stop to that. So I took up photography, lucky me ?