Sunday, March 15, 2009

Two Things Challenge - Window / View

Beware the ides of March.

Window / View is this week's 2 Things Challenge. Searching my archives, I came across this image taken last summer. A different approach to window and view. This is the inside of a B17 - G model previously seen here and here.

A little bit of history from Wikipedia:

The Nine-O-Nine, a B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bomber of the 323rd Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group, completed 140 combat missions during World War II, believed to be the Eighth Air Force record for most missions, and never lost a crewman as a casualty. The most widely recognized and revered aircraft type of World War II, the B-17 Flying Fortress, takes to the skies again. The B-17G (Serial # 44-83575) has been returned to its wartime configuration under the auspices of the nonprofit Collings Foundation of Stow, MA and given the name "Nine-O-Nine".

The Collings Flying Fortress was built at Long Beach, CA by the Douglas Aircraft Company and accepted on April 7, 1945. Although she was too late for combat, #44-83575 did serve as part of the Air/Sea 1st Rescue Squadron and later in the Military Air Transport Service.

In April 1952, #44-83575 was instrumented and subjected to the effects of three different nuclear explosions. After a thirteen-year "cool down" period, #44-83575 was sold as part of an 800-ton scrap pile and Aircraft Specialties Company began the restoration of the aircraft.

Nose art for Nine O Nine #4231909


  1. in spite of the fact that I don't like weapons or anything war or battle related, I must say that the pictures are really cool. I guess this is the only reason for which such thing should exist: only as phototgraphic challenge :).

  2. Great pictures and I love your title!

  3. Wonderful, top class Rob. and a great piece of info. Nice one.

  4. Great Two Things Challenge today DL. Liked your Metro photo over at Peter's blog as well. If only I could talk him into taking BADP for a day!HA

  5. What a photograph looking from the inside out to the blue sky with clouds. Really excellent capture. Such a different perspective. I am glad you are enjoying the Chihuly art on my website. I am going to continue to post more over time and intersperse the Chihuly eye candy with the desert, resorts, special events and other photos.

  6. Fantastic photos. I was a bit too young to participate in all this, but I have a good friend who I believe flew in a B-17 ... many missions!


  7. I passed on the details (lol) but not on the awesome takes. Plus bravo on the photo you sent to Peter. What did you do to clear the way?

  8. Cool! My dad flew in a B-29 Superfortress out of Tinian in the South Pacific in WWII. He was with the 505th Bomb Group.