Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mississippi Archway

The Stone Arch Bridge

Standing on the banks of the Mississippi River looking across river and into downtown Minneapolis. This was taken from the location I shown you yesterday featuring that "urban art" that typically ruins our urban scenery. The beautiful morning was short lived as within 15 minutes of taking this photo, the mist and fog rolled in.
I have shown you this spot before except at night,
Mississippi Coloringbook

A plaque on the Stone Arch Bridge.


  1. Most satisfying photo and perspective of THE bridge. Another great one & with interesting info.

  2. Beautiful bridge and view , i like the night shot too !

  3. toujours du HDR, que tu maitrises superbement. belle perspective pour la photo de ce pont
    always of HDR, which you maitrises splendidly. nice perspective for the photograph of this bridge

  4. A nicely taken view of a nice bridge, reminding of some of the ancient aqueducts. Can you still use the bridge? (Rail, bikes, walkers...?)

  5. Great perspective...and color too!

  6. I like your perspective here as well. Too bad the thugs got their hands on the part at right. Grrrr. I could be a grafitti Nazi if given half a chance.

  7. Both are superb! One which does not seem to need any repair soon, not like so many other ones.
    Are you using Photomatix?

  8. Hi Dusty, the arches really pull you into the photograph, nice one.