Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hennepin Avenue Icon

Hennepin Ave Icon

Yesterday, Mitchster and I wandered about Minneapolis near the Mississippi River. Check out his Bright Colors in a Brown World post.

The old Grain Belt Beer sign has been standing here on Nicollet Island since 1940 shortly after the prohibition nonsense. Early on at night, the sign used to flash the letters. Currently, the sign is up for sale and hopefully, we will enjoy viewing it flash once again. Historic Grain Belt Beer sign up for sale | Minnesota Public Radio NewsQ


  1. I hope the right person or people ends up with this sign. It would be nice to see it in working order. So historic.

  2. Of course, coming from the land of warm, flat beer hand drawn from a wooden cask with no added gas, I would have to say it's lager rather than beer. But that only opens up a never ending argument between myself and the American side of my family; I married an American.

  3. Very cool sign. I wonder why I am suddenly thirsty?!

  4. great shot of this sign and nice write up!