Sunday, November 1, 2009



An important feature of logarithms is that they reduce multiplication to addition, by the formula: log(xy) = log x + log y ...

I prefer the simple rhythm of this log in the woods.


Daylight Savings Time ends!

Remember to set your clocks, we are now back on Standard Time. Don't forget to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors as well.

Today, we end this silliness of Daylight Savings Time and I wish we would simply let time alone without interfering. As I see it, the only real objective to switching time each spring and fall is to exercise our digital clock time changing skills. Though the home computer may be automatic, we must contend with the various VCR's, (for those of us still using the electronics of the 1980's), clock radios, wrist watches, pocket watches, thermostats, microwaves, stoves, coffee makers, water softeners and countless other electronic gadgets that keep time.

Heck, I just checked my water softener and I am still on Standard Time from last year. Inevitably, the clock in our vehicles will no doubt remain unchanged until sometime in January.

But we're all in this together. Today we all run around trying frantically to change the blasted time in the multitude of digital clocks in our homes. And quite possibly consulting the owner's manuals to try and figure out just how to change the blasted time on the affected appliance. I suggest the coffee maker first. We're going to need plenty of caffeine to figure all this out.

Good luck, we'll need it! Maybe next year we will put an end this time changing nonsense.


  1. We made the change in Europe last weekend. No doubt some have been confused.

  2. Too funny! I just read your post to my husband who was in the process of looking through a manual for a new thermostat. Luckily his new car changes automatically. Mine, like yours wont be changed until I have a pointy object in hand.

  3. Great shot. Love the color and perspective of this.

    I am just about to go make the rounds in the house..... it's always an exercise. Each device changes time in a different way.

  4. I love this log. I"ve got one on my daily walk I've eyed for a photo.

    Now about DST. You will chuckle over this one DL. Last year all the Frenchies were talking about going off DST. Well i thought I'd better get with the program and set all my clocks back and discovered the next morning that I was early for church! The French do it a week ahead of us! Merde!

    I do hate it that it gets dark so early now in the evening. Depressing somehow.

  5. Great shot, great engineer pun.
    I love DST switches, OCD and clock changing go hand-in-hand; I had changed the clock in my jeep while driving to the coffeeshop this morning. Having a mobile phone that switches automatically takes a lot of the fun out of it, but I still have enough regular clocks to keep me busy thins morning.
    - Mitch in Minneapolis

  6. We went thru that process last week and still finding clocks and watch's etc.. Good luck and yes more coffee please.

  7. I guess this would be a "blog log" then wouldn't it?

    I agree on the daylight saving time issue. If you know anything about it's origin I think you'll agree it doesn't really apply anymore.

  8. I too just hate such time changes, although I don't need to change times, being in India, but having relatives in all parts of the world.

    I love the simplicity of your log :)

    Have a nice new time.

    Purandar Fort

  9. I like its gentle rhythmic patterns, too. Great shot.

  10. Hear Hear on the time changing nonsense!