Sunday, March 2, 2008

2 Things Challenge, Old and New


My first SLR camera, a canon AE1 Program, a gift from my folks back in 1984.

My second SLR camera, a Digital Canon Rebel XTI 400D.

And true to form the lens has dust on it, quite typical to have a dusty lens. just my interpretation of Old and New in keeping with a photography theme.


  1. Nice post. Obviously great cameras and of course your name - brilliant!

    I'm about to buy a new camera and upgrade from my Ixus - but don't feel I know enough to use an SLR so I'm going to buy what is called, I gather, a Super Zoom - they are called 'bridge' cameras in Europe. Am choosing between a Canon, a Pansonic and an Olympus all with 18 X zooms or thereabouts.

    Your Rebel is amazing I know - a friend has one - perhaps one day I'll get one, when I think my brain will get around the SLR part!

  2. I still have that Canon AE1 Program in me. I use this camera sometimes with adapter to hook up with pentax or nikon lens. One of classis I might say from Canon.

  3. That is a nice one! I'll be anxious to hear more about it and how you like it.

  4. je préfère le design de l'ancien, mais tu dois pouvoir plus t'amuser avec le moderne
    I prefer the design of old, but you must be able to more have a good time with the modern

  5. DL: Nice! Especially the combination of the theme with the medium. Very cool!

  6. Thanks v much for your comment. I went to see - and handle three super-zooms today. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX18, the Canon you mentioned and also the new Olympus Superzoom - ends in UZ. They had your Canon and also the Panasonic, not the Olympus. I liked the feel of the Panasonic and it was slightly lighter than the Canon. Not had a chance to try the third, obviously. Good to know you really like the Canon S5 IS. All three are in the running for me. They tell me the Olympus will be in during the coming month. I don't need to rush the decision. Thanks Dusty Lens.

  7. Nice 2 things entry. What could be more perfect than old/new cameras. I always felt sentimentally attached to my old Minalta SRT303, a wonderful gift in 1973, but finally gave it to someone who wanted to use it and that felt good too. Love seeing your Canon, a good old camera.

  8. I have this camera also - I love it! Canon makes good products, IMO.