Saturday, March 22, 2008

Skyway Bridging

Yet another Minneapolis skyway. This time in black and white. Linear and angular, bright and dark. Repetative geometry with appealing symmetry.

Portrait of a Watch Dog

Happy Easter! Tomorrow we celebrate Easter Sunday. I have nothing qeued for Sunday's post or for 2 Things Challenge. This has been a hectic week at work and with a family member's funeral earlier in the week.

Instead, I give you this, a portrait of a Watch Dog, our dog Winston.


  1. Lovely shot. And as you would expect, I got a real smile at seeing Winston. Cute! Sorry for your loss.

  2. Oh, funerals are never fun. Sorry for your loss.

    Excellent photo of the sky bridges! And that picture of Winston is adorable. Good doggy!

  3. Great photos. The one of your dog is excellent.

  4. awww, he looks sweet. nice perspective!

  5. And where whould we be with out those skyways....