Monday, March 10, 2008

Miss Burger

Another fast food burger chain but perhaps not as famous as the Golden Arches. What is better about Wendy's is their malt simply called the Frosty. Chocolate and vanilla, excellent malts. The best in the fast food industry. Well, maybe Dairy Queen has the upper hand in the malt department. Yet at Wendy's, you will find none of that yogurt simulated food product that McDonalds tries to pass off as a malt. And yes, they too have a drive thru for your burger and Frosty convenience.


  1. You make your fast food places look very cool, Dusty. :)

  2. My sons love Frostys, too (I like the vanilla). They always have asked for those when they are sick (and well, too, of course!).

    Love your night shots!

  3. I guess we both love snow as part of object for picture on this Sunday. The neons of Wendy's very striking, cool!

  4. Wow looks way to cold to be interested in frostys.

  5. Wendy's: Yum. Frosty: Yum Yum!

    Here's how they (they being fast food burger joints) rank for me:

    1. Fuddruckers
    2. In-n-Out Burger
    3. Five Guys and Fries
    4. Wendy's
    5. Wendy's

    I just can't bring myself to put either Burger King or McDonald's on the list. They're both an abomination.

  6. i get a frosty everytime i go to wendy's... but i have to agree with mo - in that weather, i'd be thinking about coffee of something other than a frosty!

  7. I miss Wendy's a lot! Back in the Philippines they also have the famous salad bar, you pay 100pesos (barely 2$) for all the salad you can pile up on your plate! I love all their food and frosty of course! Now I miss that! =(