Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Anoka Ladder Truck

Fire Safety; most kids want to be a fireman when they grow up.
Shooting Mode Manual Exposure
Tv( Shutter Speed ) 1/320
Av( Aperture Value ) 9.0
ISO Speed 200
Focal Length 33.0 mm


  1. for sure they do, if they see pictures like this!

  2. I agree. There's nothing like a bright and shiny engine to start the juices flowing!

  3. Hi from South Shields, nice picture you have here today. Asimply nicely saturated shot that works so well.

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    Photographers rights in the UK and worldwide are under increasing threat and we need to make a stand now!

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  4. I love the angle you shot this at. The ladder is placed just right.

  5. beau choix d'angle, je me verrais bien monter sur cette grande ├ęchelle ;o)

    good choice of angle, I see well up on this scale ;o)

  6. Did those nice firefighters raise that ladder just a teensy bit so you could get this perfectly composed shot today? Love it. BTW, I have noticed that you are drawn to mechanical/ metallic subjects and do a darn good job with them too I might add.

  7. It is a great shot. How do you remember all the things about how you shot the photo?

  8. The primary colours against the silver are crystal clear. Beauty can be found in the most meachanical of instruments.